What To Expect If I Decide To Have A Hair Transplant


Are you considering hair transplant but unsure what to expect during the procedure? Look Natural Hair Transplants breaks down the entire procedure in this blog to give you the sneak peek.

On the day of your procedure, we ask that you have someone available to drop you off at our center and pick you up once the transplant is completed.

Upon your arrival, the doctor will review the areas that you would like grafted and the donor site on the back of your head will be shaved. If you so choose, you may have your barber or hair stylist shave your entire head prior to the procedure.

The doctor will then inject local anesthetic to maximize your comfort during the procedure. You will lie face down (as you would during a massage) and listen to music while the grafts are harvested. If at any time during the procedure you need to take a break, kindly let our staff know.

Once the necessary number of grafts are harvested, you will switch and lie on your back for the remainder of the procedure. The doctor will then inject additional local anesthetic to the areas that you will be grafted. The grafts are then carefully placed individually in the requested areas. As the procedure nears the end, our staff will notify your ride when they should arrive.

After this procedure, unless you have long hair on the top of your head, the graft donor site will be visible until the surrounding hairs grow back to your desired length. If you do not want others to know that you have had the procedure, you may want to maintain a low profile for the length of time it takes for your hair to grow to camouflage the donor site. We advise you not to wear a wool hat or baseball cap because headwear may crush or pull out the grafts.

You will be provided some pain medication for after the procedure, but most patients do not complain of having much pain. If you do decide to take the pain medication, remember that you will not be able to drive.

If you think you may be a good candidate for hair transplant, fill out our online form!