Setting Expectations for Hair Transplants

hair transplant effectiveness

In past blogs I have touched on what hair transplants can accomplish for people going through male pattern baldness. Most people I see are good candidates for a hair transplant. They are losing hair in a predictable pattern and we have a solution that supplies consistent results. However in perusing the web I find there are a certain amount of people that are unsatisfied with the results of their hair transplants.

In our experience the dissatisfaction is not due to failure of the procedure, but instead is failure on the doctor’s part to set reasonable expectations. To be certain there are limitations to how much hair can be moved in a single setting and how much hair can be moved overall. This must be explained to the patient at the initial consultation.

In internet age we currently live in, most patients we see have researched hair transplants extensively. You have seen thousands of before and after pictures. You search desperately for someone that looks exactly like you with your exact hair type and hair loss pattern. You try to figure out how many grafts it would take to get your hair back. Often by the time you get to my office you have your mind set that you need a certain number of grafts and what your results will be.

Well I’m sorry to tell you, but the majority of patients that walk into my office are misinformed. I’m not sure why, but almost all of them underestimate how many grafts and procedures they will need. I’ll admit I did the same thing when I underwent a transplant. Luckily my doctor took the time to educate me on why I was misinformed. He took the time to set my expectations to a more reasonable level. Since I had reasonable expectations I knew what to expect and was therefore happy with my results.

Doctors taking the time to set reasonable expectations and taking the time to educate you on hair transplant is what you get at Look Natural Hair Transplants. We will help guide you through the maze of information that is available on the web. We will recommend the number of grafts and possibly procedures you will need to reach your goal. We look forward to helping you on your journey to a new you.

-Adam Saad, MD

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