Female Hairline Lowering

Whether from heredity or other causes, as many as 20% of all women have what can be described as a high hairline.

A high hairline is considered a masculine characteristic and a high forehead can also lend to an older appearance.

The female hairline is variable in position. However, a “normal” female hairline is typically positioned 5 to 6.5 cm above the brows and usually begins at some point where the scalp slopes from a more horizontal position to a vertical one. This optimal position allows for ease of hairstyling and provides facial harmony and balance.

There are two techniques that can be used to advance the hairline. The most common, because it has many advantages, is with hair transplants. In this procedure, thousands of hair grafts can be done in a single sessions using NeoGraft. Under mild sedation, this is basically pain-free. The hairs are harvested from the back of the scalp and placed in the natural direction of hair growth. It requires approximately 3 to 7 days of recovery time before the hairline is visibly presentable. The entire process takes about six months for full, natural hair re-growth.

Again, patients need to be aware that transplanted hair growth takes time, the same as natural hair growth. Grafted hair falls out within two to three weeks of the procedure. New, natural hair grows in within four to six months.

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