Eyebrow Restoration

Aesthetically, the eyebrow is a critical part of the facial symmetry in both men and women.

Eyebrows for men and women however are comprised of differing shapes, as created, in part, by the direction of hair growth. These differences are understood and accounted for by our expert hair transplantation at Look Natural Hair Transplants.

Eyebrows may lose fullness or natural appearance from congenital causes, radiation or chemotherapy treatments, burns or other accidents, disease, the normal aging process, or obsessive compulsive plucking (trichotillomania).

NeoGraft is a faster, easier and more natural method of eyebrow restoration. Unlike with the use of strip technique, there are no sutures or scars. Typical procedures involve the transplanting of anywhere from 150 to as many as 400 grafts per eyebrow.

The procedure is relatively pain-free and patients may drive and return to fairly normal activity the following day, as per the surgeon’s instructions. Initially, transplanted hair in the brows grows quickly and will require trimming. Eventually, that rate of growth slows and begins to resemble the growth pattern of its new site.

Patients may treat restored eyebrows just as normal brows, including cutting, plucking, waxing or dyeing.

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