Ethnic Hair Restoration

Hair restoration for ethnic hair requires special understanding and expertise.

While the curly structure of African-American hair can, on one hand, lend itself to aesthetically superior results, it is also true that with this same type of hair there is a particular curvature of the hair root. As in all cases, the hair extraction must be done properly in order for such roots to be viable for transplantation, thus resulting in hair growth at the donor site. Look Natural Hair Transplants’ experienced surgeons are adept at such challenges as these in the hair transplantation process.

The benefit of NeoGraft technology for ethnic hair restoration is especially important for those who prefer to wear their hair short. With NeoGraft, there is no unsightly scar to conceal, and so prospects for those desiring the best results in hair transplantation are much greater.

The NeoGraft technique is especially relevant for African American hair restoration, since people with this heritage tend to develop keloids (thickened scars that protrude from the surface of the skin) more than other ethnic groups.

Hair loss among African American and Caribbean women can be due to genetics, traction alopecia (resulting from the pulling during braiding or weaving hair, for example), hair damage or loss due to the use of harsh chemical treatments.

The surgeons at Look Natural Hair Transplants will consult with candidates on how to deal with hair restoration despite extensions or braids.

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