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Welcome to Look Natural Hair Transplants at The Plastic Surgery Center, where we offer the first minimally invasive FDA Approved Hair Transplant System.Look Natural Hair Transplants helps you regain your confidence so you can enjoy your looks again. Whether due to genetics or from other causes, hair loss need not define you. Technological advances such as those used at Look Natural Hair Transplants have resulted in hair restoration that provides natural and immediate results. With the aid of Look Natural Hair Transplants’ special medical expertise and in the comfort and privacy of our own facilities, let us help you achieve a new look that lasts a lifetime.

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Blogs & News

22 August 2016

How do you know how many grafts I will need?

During your initial consultation, we determine how many grafts you will need based...

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22 June 2016

Hair Anatomy

There are three layers to each strand of hair. Picture three concentric cylinders...

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28 April 2016

What Are the Restrictions After a Hair Transplantation Procedure?

You have decided to have a hair transplant. What are the restrictions after...

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15 March 2016

What are the advantages to the Neograft procedure?

Why is the Neograft procedure great? Past techniques of hair transplantation involved excising...

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2 March 2016

Are Women Candidates For Hair Transplants?

Yes! We have performed hair transplants on women. Women can experience hair loss...

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21 January 2016

What To Expect If I Decide To Have A Hair Transplant

  Are you considering hair transplant but unsure what to expect during the procedure?...

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candidate for hair transplant

4 August 2014

Am I a Candidate for Hair Transplant?

I spend a fair amount of time on the web and in my...

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hair transplant effectiveness

28 July 2014

Setting Expectations for Hair Transplants

In past blogs I have touched on what hair transplants can accomplish for...

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hair transplant cost

21 July 2014

Hair Transplant Cost

Last week I touched on excuses, the reasons why people decide not to...

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